The Derwent Distillery Liqueurs


Brand and packaging creative development for The Derwent Distillery’s Elderflower Liqueur and Hazelnut Liqueur. Created to be have a recognisable link to The Derwent Distillery’s Last Sanctuary Gin range, consistency is important to growing brands, having previously worked in producing the Last Sanctuary Gin range, Kat was able to capture the same essence in this design. Additionally, Kat designed the labels to be consistent in size across other products they produce, allowing foils + cutting templates to be made for use on all labels. Reducing long-term printing costs and timeframes, along with solidifying brand consistency. Buy here or visit Farmgate Market on Sunday’s in Hobart’s CBD and find Emma + Robbie at their stall. 

Derwent Distillery Hazelnut Liqueur

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