Kat is an award-winning Tasmanian-based creative, specialising in branding, communications and visual storytelling. Kat brings brands to life through strategic creative approaches in the print and digital worlds. 

With more than a decades worth of experience in the creative industries, Kat is well versed with working with clients to find creative solutions for their visual communication needs. Having found a niche in creating branding and packaging for local Tasmanian distillers and beverage producers, Kat is an expert at bringing your product to life and on the shelves, nationally and internationally.

Kat’s expertise extends from luxury consumer products, cultural events, and not-for-profit. Clients include The Derwent Distillery, Tasmanian Tonic Company, Spirited Beverages, The Whisky Club, Candy Abalone, Bank of Us, City Mission, Macarthur FC, Multicultural Australia, Brisbane City Council, and Waterline Engineering.

Photography is a major love of Kat’s, having worked her first few years in the creative industries at Australia Zoo as photographer. With an innate fascination of nature, she enjoys roaming the Tasmanian landscape, especially waterfalls, sunsets and the night sky, capturing images to reflect the beauty Kat sees around her. 

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